Optimized Work Life -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)

€47.00 €97.00
  • Optimized Work Life -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Optimized Work Life -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Optimized Work Life -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)

Optimized Work Life -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)

€47.00 €97.00

Optimized Work Life -verkkovalmennus englanniksi

An intensive 6-week program to optimize your work, recovery, sleep, nutrition, and biomechanics in order to maintain peak energy, mood, and focus without compromising your health and well-being.

Learn everything you need to know to optimize your workday in the guidance of top experts in optimal human performance and "biohacking" (as in optimizing your health with data and science). Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of your biology and patterns of behavior to take your typical workday to a new level. Learn techniques to improve your physical & mental performance, speed up recovery, prevent injury & sickness, and get more done.


Optimized Work Life online program in a nutshell:

  • An intensive 6-week online course with daily videos, articles, links, and assignments to help you optimize your day from the moment when you wake up to the moment when you go to sleep
  • Based on the most advanced human optimization science, technology and methods available today
  • In an easily digestible and understandable format that fits your schedule
  • In guidance of the authors of the Biohacker's Handbook: medical doctor Olli Sovijärvi and technology expert Teemu Arina

Overview of the 6-week program:

SECTION 1: Orientation to Upgraded Workplace
  • Meaning of work
  • Well-being at work
  • Coping at work: questionnaire
  • Optimal human performance & health
  • What is biohacking?
SECTION 2: Optimal Productivity & Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics
  • Accessing the flow state
  • Optimize memory & decision-making
  • Optimize concentration & eliminate distractions
  • Habits & behavior
  • Task & time management
SECTION 3: Optimal Sleep & Recovery
  • Optimize bedroom
  • Sleep stages & sleep tracking
  • Optimize circadian rhythms
  • Optimize sleep quality
  • Optimal naps
  • Travel & jet-lag
SECTION 4: Optimal Stress Management
  • Many sources of stress – understanding stressors
  • HPA-axis and the autonomic nervous system
  • Stress and recovery measurement tools
  • Adaptogenic herbs in stress management
  • Supplements in stress management
  • Hormetic stressors & hormesis
  • Meditation, mindfulness & breathing techniques
SECTION 5: Optimal Nutrition & Energy Management
  • Optimal blood sugar management
  • Optimal breakfast, lunch & snacks
  • Intermittent fasting & ketosis
  • Measuring and monitoring blood glucose levels
  • Optimal immunity & health
  • Nootropics & focus
SECTION 6: Optimal Mobility & Movement
  • Exercise at the workplace
  • Balance, mobility & coordination
  • Movement and the brain
  • Exercise while traveling
  • Activity & movement tracking
  • Testing for cardiovascular fitness and oxygen uptake
  • Functional Movement Screen & Hand Grip Strength Test

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