Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)

€47.00 €197.00
  • Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)
  • Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)

Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus (englanniksi)

€47.00 €197.00

Biohacking Love & Relationships -verkkovalmennus englanniksi


“Evolving from sexual performance to sexual pleasure”

6-week online program for enhancing sexuality, sex, and relationships – the core of your well-being.

Biohacking Sex & Love online course gives you a private and intimate way to optimize sexual health & sex, reconnect with yourself and others, and take your biohacking to the next level.

Highlights of the course

  • Learn to understand female and male anatomy to optimize arousal and pleasure
  • Unlock orgasm myths (and hence full-body & multi orgasms)
  • Balance hormones to optimize sexual desire (libido)
  • Learn to communicate in relationships
  • Reconnect with yourself and heal attachment wounds
  • Learn the best biohacks for sex

This course not only teaches you how to biohack the most common challenges with love, sex & relationships but ultimately it enables you to reconnect with yourself which elevates all aspects of your life.

Who is this course for?

  • High achievers who are killing it at everything except the bedroom
  • Those who have difficulty letting go during sex and having an orgasm
  • Those who have low libido and want to feel that rush of energy again
  • Those who want to understand female and male sexuality & pleasure better
  • People who experience challenges in dating/ forming healthy relationships
  • Those who are biohacked & optimized in all possible ways except sexually
  • Health coaches, doctors, therapists, psychologists and other professionals who want to learn how to integrate sexual health as part of the holistic treatment of clients
  • Those who simply want to enhance their sexuality and enjoy it

Overview of the 6-week program

Week 1: From sexual dysfunction to maximized pleasure

  • Introduction to the course
  • Start the journey from dysfunction to maximized pleasure
  • The most common insecurities men and women have & how to work on them
  • Anatomy of pleasure

Week 2: The good the bad hormones

  • Libido & sex drive- What causes low libido & how to boost it?
  • Optimize sexual well-being by balancing hormones
  • Nutrition & supplements for hormonal balance

Week 3: Let’s get turned on: enhance sex

  • How does arousal work? And how to optimize it?
  • How to enhance your sexual performance?
  • “Semen retention is the new porn”,
  • Smart vibrator & other biohacks

Week 4: Unlocking the orgasm myths

  • How many types of orgasms are there and how to get there
  • The orgasm gap
  • The BIG O’s- types of male & female orgasms
  • How to get from ejaculation to multiple orgasms?

Week 5: Do the DEEP work to create intimate relationships

  • Healing sexual trauma & insecurities that limit our sexuality and overall life satisfaction
  • Discovering attachment wounds showing up in adult relationships
  • Letting go of the shame that’s holding you back in sex and relationships
  • Learn effective breathwork techniques for balancing the nervous system

Week 6: Biohack dating & relationships

  • Shifting from scarcity mindset towards abundance mindset
  • Relationship with self
  • Making communication your strength in relationships
  • How to communicate about  sex and intimacy

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Biohacking Sex & Love is designed together with sexologists, therapists, medical doctors, nutritionists, health professionals and the authors of the Biohacker’s Handbook, who have helped thousands of people in over 60 countries (and counting) to optimize health and well-being with science, technology and nature.

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